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[ Is With Nobody.
Am A Nobody.
Forever Will Be A Nobody. ]
Outside the soundness of your mind.
Bathing your soul in silver tears.
Beneath a blackened summer sky.
Praying for time to disappear.

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  1. Wow. Today marks a decade since I arrived here in these United States. Can you believe it? It was 10 years ago that I was utterly clueless being a new guy to this country. Whoa.


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  3. wakethesleepers said: Mishyyy... <3 I love you darling.

    I love you more Mellyyyy~ <3

  4. You know what hurts? When the person you used to do everything with turns into a complete stanger and you realize that the only thing you know about them now is their name.

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  6. Exhausted from today’s 8+ hour of overtime. Being at home doesn’t help the lingering stress. Bottom line, I’m tired, pissed and depressed. Oh… by the way… I broke my record. More than twicefold. 15 days of absolute apathy. Then again… like you actually give a shit. FML to infinity. I lack the will to really further give a damn, so whatever.

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  8. Surviving Day 12. Pissed. Frustrated. The 2 days I was gone for my days off, barely anything of the outgoing stuff was ready to send out? What.. the… fuck?? I’m serious. If this continues and I get much more buried with what I need to do, I swear to God, I kill someone or a group of people. [facepalm and angrily sighs]


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  12. "Unfortunately, there&#8217;s only one spot open, so we&#8217;re gonna have&#8230; try-outs.&#8221;

    "Unfortunately, there’s only one spot open, so we’re gonna have… try-outs.”

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  15. kawaiishiz-deactivated20120219 said: yeah, maybe every once in awhile :) idk haha xD

    daw thanks <3

    I like your theme its really pretty ^-^~

    Uberz~! <3

    And thankies muchies. <3

    I will change it using a self-created theme in the distant future.